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Moving from Volume to Value with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Built for Marketers

Modern B2B Marketing October 19, 2017 Comments Off on Moving from Volume to Value with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Built for Marketers

As a modern marketer, you know all too well how challenging it is to satisfy today’s demanding buyers. You’re doing your best to meet their ever-growing expectations for personalized and relevant experiences in the moment. It’s clear that marketers who shift from volume-based, one-size-fits-most communication to engaging segments of one with high-value experiences will be the ones who win over the hearts and minds of their customers.

Enhance Your Marketing Expertise with AI

The good news is that you can pivot to engage on a personal level—even on a massive scale—with artificial intelligence (AI) built for marketers. AI helps make sense of all your customer data in the moment so you can truly deliver value-based, relevant experiences, and conversations. Simply put, it enables personalized experiences to a newfound degree. And that makes it possible for you to more effectively get more prospects and customers to engage with your brand.

When built with the marketer in mind, and with all of your customer data in a single location so that it has all the raw ingredients to work with, AI makes this vision a reality because it is designed to look at all you know about each person you’re engaging with. It does so with amazing velocity to quickly and precisely determine the next, right interaction and experience. Put another way, it gives you the speed and precision to engage in the moment with the right message in the right channel at unprecedented rates. And it does this in a much more organic, scalable, and sustainable way than you could ever achieve as a mere mortal.

Making It Real

Explorations of the potential of AI can feel a bit pie-in-the-skyish. So, let’s make this real by outlining actual scenarios where you can apply AI.

  • Predict the right programs for the right people. First, AI built for marketers helps you determine the most logical and effective way to engage your target audiences, helping you plan accordingly. It’s not far-fetched that you will be able to dictate a goal and push a button on your AI-powered “marketing assistant” for recommended programs to run for each audience. That means you can predict and align with your audience’s interests and wants.
  • Personalize with confidence. Next, AI helps you put your plan into action. As you fine-tune and come to trust your AI assistant, you’ll achieve increasingly refined segmentation. In other words, you can personalize with confidence at scale. You’ll know the right interactions, experiences, and content at the right moment in the right channel for everyone you’re engaging with.
  • Perform to the Nth degree. Because AI helps you scale your segmentation and personalization efforts exponentially, 1:1 marketing becomes a reality. With machine-driven predictions and personalization, you can optimize campaigns and experiences at an unprecedented rate. When you drive 1:1 engagement in the moment, you deliver memorable, tailored experiences that convert buyers faster and retain them longer. Simply put, AI equips you to build customers for life and drive exponential growth—all within budget.

What’s Needed to Succeed?

As good as this all sounds, AI is only as good as the data it sits on. It draws conclusions and recommends the right experiences by sifting through and analyzing vast quantities of data. And then it executes those recommendations on your behalf—upon your command—by tying into the systems that drive engagements. So, for AI to truly work, it needs to call upon a centralized repository of everything you know about your prospects and customers. And it needs to interact with your channels of engagement to deliver the right experience to each prospect and customer.

Put this unified marketing platform and integrations in place and you’ll drive powerful results: 1:1 engagement in the moment that converts buyers faster and keeps them coming back. Imagine engaging smarter and growing revenues without increasing your budget. Now that’s truly moving from volume to value!

What potential do you see for yourself and your team when it comes to using AI built for marketers? What impact do you expect it will have? Tell me about your plans and perspective in the comments below.

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