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Why I’m co-chairing DMAW Digital Day and you should join me there on October 20

DuctTape Marketing October 7, 2015 Comments Off on Why I’m co-chairing DMAW Digital Day and you should join me there on October 20

Staying current in our constantly changing digital marketing world can be a challenge – to say the least! With year-end and a new year around the corner, it’s especially important that we stay open to new and different strategies for meeting our goals.

That’s why I’m co-chairing DMAW’s 2015 Digital Day Forum on Tuesday, October 20, in Washington, DC.

It’s an opportunity for DC’s digital and integrated marketers to learn from their peers about every aspect of digital: from donor stewardship to CRM and CMS platforms to expanding your audiences. You can see the full program here: http://www.dmaw.org/2015-digital-day-forum.

Special Nonprofit Marketer Discount
Most importantly, we wanted to make sure that non-profit organizations had an opportunity to attend and get the most out of this year’s Digital Day. That is why we worked with the DMAW to offer a steep (up to 50%) discount for non-profit staff & deliver an agenda packed full of leaders from a variety of non-profit digital teams.

When I’ve attended conferences in the past, I often find the most valuable learning comes from discussions I have with other attendees. To foster such discussion at this year’s Digital Day, attendees can chose to attend any of several facilitated small group discussion on topics such as reaching Spanish speaking audiences, engaging with millennials online or strategies for year-round fundraising.

In addition, there will be a fantastic keynote by my colleague, Amy Levner, Vice President, Communications and Marketing, KaBOOM, followed by your choice of 10 expert breakout sessions. including a fantastic session on Ten Tips for Better Testing by Beaconfire RedEngine’s own Jen Boland and Rosa DelAngel.

It’s a one-day home run for digital marketers that can give you a full year’s worth of new ideas. Join us if you can on October 20.

Learn more about Digital Day and register at: http://www.dmaw.org/2015-digital-day-forum.

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