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Welcome to mobilewebanalytics.net — What you find inside this blog

Mobile Web Analytics January 9, 2014 Comments Off on Welcome to mobilewebanalytics.net — What you find inside this blog


mobileThis really is formally the first article of the mobilewebanalytics.net (Mobile Web Analytics). I’ve been writing a blog regarding Mobivity Mobile phone Marketing and advertising weblog since many years, and also made the decision that mobile phone web analytics required a location of its personal.

If you search online you will find hundred if not thousands of different internet statistics suppliers, not one of them are constructed to supply right statistics for mobile phone websites.

Even though monitoring internet statistics is really important and no website is complete without correct and accurate analytic script installed but on different hand data for mobile phone websites is actually getting more and more information due to huge demand in mobile marketing and increasing risk of click fraud. In this internet world, there are few popular web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari. All these browser works almost similarly as they store user information, his likes and dislikes as well as his complete house location in form of cookies.

But, into the mobile world

Everyday new mobile handset hit the market with different characteristics, solutions, abilities, as well as Web contacts. Most of them usually do not support javascript, as well as several do not support cookies. That’s why there is also a need for Mobile Analytic Tool that provide complete solution. Designing such Mobile Analytic Tool needs lot of resources that’s why many coders don’t develop such thing.

If you compare website Analytic Tool and Mobile Analytics tool, you get entirely different benefits in between statistics options, and well as mobile tool will cost you little expensive.

At the moment there’re modest small number of options for mobile phone website proprietors. With 2014 encouraging to become the “year of the mobile phone web”, there will probably be numerous difficulties as well as problems to talk about right here around this weblog.

We are the group of coders having good sound experience in this field, we’ve got produced numerous tools to help people all over the world.

Last few days we are thinking about the name of our mobile analytic tool and we came to decide the name our tool “Mobilytics“.

mobile analysics

Mobilytics is the tool which can give you accurate as well as all the information you want to gather about your mobile visitor, and you can even trace the movement of visitor around your website with the help of “MobiHeatMap” feature

Currently we’re at the moment in “super private” beta, we are going to send invites in upcoming month. In case you are interested to test Mobilytics, send us email at admin [at] mobilewebanalytics [dot] net

At the same time around this blog we’ll talk about mobile phone business, objective monitoring, transformation prices and also each of the various other important statistics subjects.

Make sure you bookmark us and keep visiting for latest news.

Copyright Mobile Web Analytics – Welcome to mobilewebanalytics.net — What you find inside this blog

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