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Internet Marketers’ Holiday Wishlist Revealed

BruceClay December 9, 2013 Comments Off on Internet Marketers’ Holiday Wishlist Revealed

Internet Marketers’ Holiday Wishlist Revealed was originally published on, home of expert search engine optimization tips.

Ever wonder what’s on an Internet marketer’s holiday wishlist? Surely you want organic keyword referral data back in Google Analytics, but what else? From tools and reports to Google’s best kept secrets, the paid and organic search analysts at Bruce Clay, Inc. had some specific requests for gifts that can optimize the art of search engine optimization.

Snowflake ornament with Christmas tree in the backgroundIf Bruce Clay’s wish was granted, there would be “standards and required certifications for our industry that actually mean something in a court of law.” While there are no SEO laws in place, you can always stay abreast of the latest in SEO news and best practices by checking in with resources like this blog and The SEO Newsletter. If you’d like to connect with like-minded Internet marketers, you can join the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO).

Internet Marketers’ Holiday Wishlist

Here’s what the Internet marketers of BCI would love to unwrap this year.

“My Christmas wish is for a world where no one ever buys links again — and for coal in the stockings of all those who have.” —John Alexander

“If my Christmas wish was granted, people would create the most relevant content they could.” —Matthew Young

“I’d like something that will tell me if a site has been hit by an algorithmic penalty like Panda or Penguin.” —Robert Meinke

“I would like Google to give me the secrets of its algorithm, hand-delivered by Matt Cutts.” —David Vasquez

“A hyper-speed button for Excel. Regardless of what computer and version of Excel I’m using, when I’m processing hundreds of thousands of cells, I seem to always be waiting and waiting for things to process.” —Micah Albert

“A tool that effectively identifies and removes malware from throughout the entire internet.” —Luke Bowen

“I would like to see site-hacking spammers relegated to Santa’s naughty list – especially those who do things like put Viagra ads on the sites of charitable organizations.” —Maryann Robbins

“A keyword research tool that provides a 100 percent accurate search volume and allintitle numbers.” —Naghmeh Jafarzadeh

“I wish Google Webmaster Tools would show more than three months of historic data on impressions for the search query report.” —Ty Carson

“My Christmas wish is insight into the role that quantum computing has in the Google Search algorithm.” —Bradley Leese

“I wish Google would allow us to continue to bid exclusively by device, like in the good ol’ days.” —Michael Shore

If you’re shopping for the Internet marketer in your life, secrets from Matt Cutts and the return of keyword data might be hard to come by — so be on the lookout for our Holiday Gift Guide for Internet Marketers later this week where we’ll feature a roundup of books, guides and software that are sure to delight your favorite SEO.

What’s on your Internet marketing holiday wishlist when it comes to SEO? Share with us in the comments.

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