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Happy Holidays from @TopRank Online Marketing

OnlineMarketingSEOBlog December 25, 2013 Comments Off on Happy Holidays from @TopRank Online Marketing

Happy Holidays 2013 Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones from TopRank Online Marketing!

It’s been an incredible year for us with new faces, new clients, improved services mix and the continued growth of our digital marketing consulting practice.

This year we’ve added some amazing talent to the TopRank team and I am very thankful for their contributions! Ours is a very dynamic industry and mutual client and company success calls for our team members to be adaptable, passionate about the work and solution oriented.

I am happy to report that they’ve answered the call impressively. We’ve taken on 20 new clients, renewed more client engagements than ever and have grown numerous programs to include an integrated mix of content, social media, SEO and online PR.

Here’s a huge THANKS to the smart, creative and results-focused future leaders that have joined the TopRank Online Marketing team in 2013:

  • Ben Brausen – Social Media Marketing
  • Brooke McDonald – Account Management
  • Eliza Steely – Account Management
  • Emily Bacheller – Social Media Marketing
  • Jesse Pickrain – Content Marketing
  • Michael Bak – Account Management & Paid Search Marketing
  • Nick Ehrenberg – Account Management, Content Marketing
  • Steven Zahurones – Account Management, SEO

And we’re still hiring!

During the Holidays it’s important to reflect on what’s important and there’s a lot to be thankful for with our team and customer community. As part of that reflection, I regret the loss of our team member, Brian Larson and also marvel at the ability of senior consultant and director, Jolina Pettice, to hit the ground sprinting at full speed while taking on his client accounts.

We place a high value on ongoing learning at TopRank and I am proud to share that both Alexis Hall and Nick Ehrenberg earned their Master’s degrees this year. Congratulations!

Multiple team members have continued their quest for knowledge through various Google certifications (Analytics & Paid Search) as well as attending local and industry conferences. Account Manager Evan Prokop has embarked on a new Digital Marketing role that will impact his own areas of expertise as well as the rest of our team. We’ll continue that trend into 2014 so you’ll see more TopRank team faces at events, getting certified, continuously learning and optimizing performance.

I’d also like to extend gratitude, appreciation and best of luck to our amazingly talented Amie Krone who helps keeps the TopRank ship running in more ways than one. I wish the best of luck with the birth of her new baby and hope she can relax as much as possible during her maternity leave.

The heartbeat of TopRank is of course, Susan Misukanis, who mentors our consultants, works with new client opportunities and has the uncanny ability to bring clarity out of chaos. We are all forever thankful and grateful for her leadership and contributions (and sense of humor) that drive the success of our team, clients and overall agency.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming year and this one blog post simply isn’t enough to share the depth of my gratitude to our team, our clients and to our community. Thank you!



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