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3 Easy Ways to Discover New Business Prospects

Compete Blog December 11, 2013 Comments Off on 3 Easy Ways to Discover New Business Prospects

find new business prospects

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Whether you work in sales, do full time business development work, or you handle new business prospecting at an agency, you need to stay on top of new ways to constantly find new prospects. Sure, there are dozens of databases available that have contact information for thousands of professionals, but you might not know enough about the companies from those databases to make informed decisions about which prospects are good fits. More importantly, those lists usually can’t help you qualify your prospects or give you the information you need to make your outreach more effective. Here are three easy ways to find and qualify new prospects that you may not have considered:

1. Mine your customers’ competitors.
One of the most valuable places for you to start prospect hunting is in lists of your clients’/customers’ competitors. You’re already embedded in the space that they’re in, so it should be easy for you to identify their pain points and opportunities for you to help them. Spend a little time building out a competitive set for each of your clients and you’ll have a quick, valuable target list in no time.

2. Don’t ignore social media.
Scanning company pages on LinkedIn is a great place to find appropriate business contacts. LinkedIn is the obvious choice for new business prospecting as users are already in a professional mindset, but you shouldn’t ignore Twitter either. Using Twitter’s search functionality is incredibly easy and a gold mine for new business development. Come up with a list of keywords that are critical to your business and run searches on potential hashtags to see active, engaged users that are interested in those topics. Using social media messages for outreach is another creative way to engage with your prospects that will help you stand out from the rest.

3. Identify and qualify prospects based on website performance.
Need a tool that can help you find and qualify prospects at the same time? With Compete PRO Site Finder, you can use category segments that you define coupled with any demographic requirements, as well as engagement growth or unique visitors, to get an exportable list of websites that meet your target criteria. You can create as many target lists as you need to get the amount of prospect websites you want.

If you’re interested in learning more about easy ways to find and qualify new prospects, check out our latest white paper, 4 Easy Steps to the Perfect Prospect List! If you feel inspired to start prospecting right away with Compete PRO Site Finder, start your free trial today.

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