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Dear Content Spammers: Old Articles Rank Just Fine in Google’s SERPs

SEO Theory October 4, 2013 Comments Off on Dear Content Spammers: Old Articles Rank Just Fine in Google’s SERPs

Yet another weak SEO idea is now being elevated to the status of pseudo-fact: that fresh content somehow trumps old content in Google’s search results. It’s this kind of nonsense that really leads people to generate new waves of spam because they believe this crap and start following really bad advice. Stop and think about the sources of these strategies: people who told you to use PageRank sculpting, to use guest blogging for links, to invest in more infographics, to use flat site architecture. Their track record is rotten with the demise of thousands of Websites that followed their terrible advice. You can find these people in blogs, on forums, even in the news media, dispensing formulaic SEO buzzword advice that is based only only how impressed they were with someone’s presentation. They don’t look at the consequences of widespread adoption of “cutting edge” ideas that are surefire ways to win in the SERPs. And what’s worse, their readers are even less discerning. If you ever wonder why I am so critical of so much SEO philosophy, it’s because so many people in our industry do not learn from their past mistakes. “Oh, Google Panda screwed us! Wah! Oh well, […]

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