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5 Tips to Get More Opt-ins on Your Website

GetResponse March 11, 2013 Comments Off on 5 Tips to Get More Opt-ins on Your Website

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One of the great things about email is that it is scalable. It takes almost the same time and effort to send an email to 100 as it does to send it to 100 000 interested subscribers. Growing your email list is a surefire way to increase your email marketing results. The bad news is, on average one third of your list will become inactive per year, but luckily your own website is a very powerful environment for gaining new subscribers.


Unhide your form

Nobody is going to sign up if your form is hidden somewhere behind three clicks or way at the bottom of the site in small font. Make sure the sign-up form is on each and every page, not only your homepage. Many people will land on your site from a search engine or a direct link and navigate around while not even having seen your homepage!

Top right and bottom right are most common, as you can see in the heatmap Tim Watson made in a UK email benchmark for subscriptions in retail.




So for starters you might want to keep the subscribe option in the place where consumers are most used to seeing it. But don’t let that hold you back from experimenting with placement across the top, between content or in the navigation. You can pretty much put the sign-up form or link to a sign up page anywhere you like.


Offer multiple sign-up opportunities

Don’t shy away from offering multiple ways to sign up (per page). For instance this very page has a sign-up form in the right column. But there could easily be one below each blog post and in the footer as well. How about a banner just under the first paragraph? This doesn’t have to be the same old “sign up, sign up, sign up”, rather give different reasons to sign up.


Give them something to die for, or sign up for

Instead of the plain old “sign up for our newsletter”, think about offering a different stimulant. This can be a download – like a .PDF whitepaper/e-book or a discount coupon for the next purchase. Content-based incentives are usually very on-topic and often used in B2B.

Think about cases, how-to’s, research. You can place several downloads or offers on your site and let them all do their job at the same time. For instance what I do with a birthday email whitepaper on my own site. Never forget to also put an extra subscription link INSIDE the download, so if it gets forwarded it can also generate extra subscribers.




Definitely use a pop-up, always, always, always do it

Pop-ins aren’t very “pop”ular, but they are with professional email marketers. They are highly effective and the latest ones can be configured so that they are displayed after certain pages are visited or after a certain time spent on the site. There are several types of pop-ups you can use and when used appropriately, your visitors won’t mind at all. (don’t you agree?).


By placing your sign-up form in the front and center, you are sure to get more sign-ups. As tip number five:

Keep track of how well your traffic is converting into new subscriptions

That way you can tweak and set a goal to collect those extra subscribers. Oh, and use the momentum of the subscription to engage your subscribers directly and send an amazing welcome email.


Got any more tips? Share them in the comments!

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