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How 4 Consumer Brands Are Using Visual Content To Tell Stories & Engage Customers

OnlineMarketingSEOBlog January 31, 2013 Comments Off on How 4 Consumer Brands Are Using Visual Content To Tell Stories & Engage Customers

Las Vegas Palm TreesAs the online landscape becomes increasingly more competitive, marketers are finding that great content isn’t just about what you say, but how content is presented as well.  Content marketing that is injected with visually appealing images not only attracts readers to your message, but it helps to tell the story you’re trying to convey.

Visually pleasing content, videos, eBooks, or graphics (to name a few) can make your customers feel a connection to your brand that they might otherwise not.  This post shares examples from  four consumer brands that have integrated visual content to help tell their stories, and engage customers.

#1 – Kraft Foods: Recipes For the Modern At-Home Cook

When many of us think of Kraft Foods a nostoligic picture of childhood favorites comes to mind.  Whether it be Mac-n-cheese, Jello, or Kool-Aid we have all craved their products at one time or another.

Kraft Foods has taken their line of products into the 21st century by providing a variety of recipes (all with mouth watering photos) for those looking for a healthy alternative, comfort foods, meals for special occasions, seasonal recipes, cocktails, and so much more.

Kraft’s approach to visual content provides a little something different but equally appealing on their Facebook Page, Pinterest Boards, Blog, and YouTube channels.  Below you find just a few examples of the customer centric approach they take to creating an appetizing, healthy, and fun spin on cooking with their products.

Kraft Foods Pinterest Facebook YouTube

#2 – General Electric: Finding Innovation In Everyday Life

Have you ever purchased an appliance, ridden in a plane, or turned on a light switch?  These are just a couple examples of how GE impacts the everyday life of most Americans.

General Electric does a fantastic job of using different types of visual content to engage their followers.  Infographics, filtered photos, clever pins about science and innovation are always present on their social networks and blogs.

Pintrerest has proven to be a fantastic creative outlet for GE along with Facebook, Infographics, YouTube, and General Electric’s visualization blog.  Directly following you’ll experience a glimpse into GE’s visual content strategy.

General Electric Facebook Pinterest Blog YouTube

#3 – Sherwin-Williams: Color Your World

Anytime I’m in a home improvement store I take some time to sneak over to the paint swatches and daydream about how awesome my walls would look painted blue, no green, wait yellow.  Other times I find myself inspired by something I see at a friend’s house, in a magazine, or on television but can’t exactly remember how it looked when I go to do the project myself.

Sherwin-Williams has created a very interactive and eye-catching approach to finding “your colors” and different ideas on how to decorate your home based on the room you’re trying to spice up, the season, or inspiration from various other sources.

Sherwin-Williams has taken a creative approach to Pinterest by sharing paint colors, inspirations based on season, or even famous landmarks.  Sherwin-Williams has pumped up their Facebook page with featured sections on what is new, an invitation to chat with a color expert, and polls on color swatches.  Lastly, their blog offers color forecasts, color tools, and much much more.

Sherwin-Williams Pinterest Facebook Blog

#4 – Coach: Old, New, & Behind the Scenes

Even if you can’t afford a pricy handbag, that doesn’t mean you can’t admire their beauty.  Or if you’re not the purse toting gender, do some digging to find out what all the hype is about that bag your significant other “must have”.

Coach has managed to create a good mix of clever taglines alongside their products, a glimpse into what’s new and some of their more classic pieces, as well as a behind the scenes look at their company.

On Coach’s Pinterest page users can see the products in action, stills of the accessories themselves, or color swatches for the different lines.  A clever approach to Facebook marketing includes a “Spotted At” series showing coach accessories at Sundance, L.A. and beyond, as well as different ways to wear the same bag, and Coach editors picks.  Coach’s blog consists mostly of links to other fashion centric blogs that their customers might enjoy.

Coach Visual Content

Incorporating creative content marketing into your online strategy doesn’t have to break the bank.  What it does take is some creativity and a deep understanding of who your customers are, what they care about, and how they share information.  Have you seen any clever content marketing campaigns that have caught your eye recently?  If so, please share how the imagery influenced how you thought or felt about the company.

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