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Sunday Series: Cookies, Crafting, and Kraft in the Cooking Category

Compete Blog December 30, 2012 Comments Off on Sunday Series: Cookies, Crafting, and Kraft in the Cooking Category

christmas cookies

Image from: Cookies / Shutterstock

This weeks Sunday Series is all about cooking! In the holiday spirit, we pulled a list of the fastest growing cooking sites in the month of November.

First and foremost, let’s just acknowledge that Christmas-Cookies.com landed the number spot as the fastest grower. In November. A bit preemptive, but so what?

The second insight I noticed was that, for the most part, these sites are similar in how they function; they are databases of recipes. Most of these sites wouldn’t be considered a ‘branded’ site in the conventional sense. They’re more aggregate sites, which is about standard for this category. That’s why the appearance of kraftbrands.com as the third fastest growing site in November is something to note.

So what is Kraft doing right? How is it garnering this attention, and so suddenly? Well, taking a look at the site, the first thing I notice is that it instantly redirects to kraftrecipes.com. Then I noticed the ‘Use What’s On Hand’ feature, in which you’re able to enter what you’ve got in your kitchen, and it will automatically produce a recipe that utilizes what you’re already working with.

The lesson? Kraft upped its game by expanding beyond the conventional utilization of a ‘branded’ site. It gave its users something to do through acting as a resource that goes the extra distance.

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