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A Great 2012 at GetResponse, Made Possible By YOU!

GetResponse December 28, 2012 Comments Off on A Great 2012 at GetResponse, Made Possible By YOU!

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The end of the year is a perfect time to go back in time and recap all the good things that happened and that we are grateful for. Year 2012 was great for the GetResponse team, but all of it couldn’t have happened without you: GetResponse customers, users and fans. That’s why we wanted say THANK YOU and show you how we changed and developed, thanks to you and for you.

The year of changes

For GetResponse, 2012 was a year of a revolution. It started in March when we brought you new Email Creator — the revolutionary editing tool that took HTML chores out of newsletter design and made it a simple yet creative process. And you embraced it immediately, proving that this is what marketers have been waiting for.

The motives that drove us to create this new tool were also a trigger for us at GetResponse to remember who we are, what we do and why we do it.

So later in the year, in September, we redefined our mission statement and core values that drive us. We brought to life the new GetResponse smile that stands for simplicity, success, and satisfaction of our customers, and so many other things.


Our 2012 quest to make GetResponse a complete marketing tool culminated in December, when we launched the Landing Page Creator — a super tool for building landing pages and squeeze pages quickly and effortlessly. Now marketers can create and manage complete marketing campaigns from their GetResponse account.


And that’s just the beginning of the list of our accomplishments. All our teams — education, marketing, product and IT development — worked hard all year to deliver the ultimate marketing solution at an affordable price to customers all over the world.

Here’s the year in a review:


New Features

GetResponse consistently follows its motto: The World’s Easiest Email Marketing. So this year, we provided you with tools that make creating and managing your email marketing campaigns easier.

New iPhone App v.2.0 — campaign management, right from your iPhone

Android App — a great solution for Android users

Subscribe via Facebook Form — App that enables web form auto-filling with Facebook data

Time Travel — new feature that delivers messages at local time in every time zone automatically

Mobile Inbox Preview — one-click tool for viewing how messages render on smartphones and tablets

Social Sharing Tracking — next-generation social sharing buttons inside your newsletters

RSS-to-Email — next-generation tool that lets bloggers automate their blog digests

Email Creator — the best available solution for creating great-looking newsletters, constantly developed to embrace all your wishes and needs

Landing Page Creator — add-on tool to build Web pages automatically integrated with your email campaigns and run complete marketing cycles from your GetResponse account

New Integrations — a batch of hot new integrations, including many CMS, CRM and e-commerce platforms;


Proactive Leadership

The education and marketing teams never ceases in their efforts to facilitate email marketing and make it fun and creative. In 2012 we ran a number of initiatives that resonated really well across the Web, thanks to your enthusiastic reception.

2011 Email Marketing Report — the state of email marketing know-how and level of expertise across industries

Email Campaign Planner — actionable infographic summarizing the top activity periods for marketers

Email Marketing + Social Media — helpful infographic on benefits of integrating these two channels

Best Time To Send Email — infographic pinpointing optimal timing for email dellivery



Holiday Guide – great insights on marketing practices and strategies for the Christmas season

Email Design Contest — free publicity for your best designs and practices, a great adventure with cool prizes

Seriously Crazy Contest — proof that email marketing doesn’t have to be serious and boring;


Guest Experts

During the year, we persuaded a great number of top email experts and industry leaders to share their experience with you.

GetResponse @ MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2012 — interview series with industry experts and specialists

Webinars — presentations on email design, social media, landing pages and more: find the full list here. [Link]

Interviews — interesting insights, tips and ideas from our successful customers, email gurus and specialists;



We participated in major industry events: MarketingSherpa Email Summit, Boston eTail, ad:tech expo shows in Sydney, San Francisco, London and NYWarrior LiveHostingCon, and Great British Business Show.


Industry Awards

This year, thanks to our team’s efforts and your support, we won awards from the following top industry associations and institutions:

Stevie Awards — International Business Awards for Best Product: New Version

Small Business Influencers — Community Choice Award

International Business Times — placed among top-3 email marketing providers

European Business Awards — National Finalist 2012/2013 (tbc)


And it wouldn’t have happen without you, your support and feedback, sometimes constructively negative J So many thanks to all our GetResponse users — thank you for being the creative power that drives us to continuously improve our products and services!!!

And that’s not all — the satisfaction of our customers is what encourages us to work harder and try better, so there are more surprises coming in 2013: STAY TUNED!

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