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Do you read the emails from potential customers ?

Leads Explorer February 8, 2012 Comments Off on Do you read the emails from potential customers ?

Reading emails before action

When an email lands in your inbox do you really read the email content or:
– Do you just reply with your standard reply email ?
– Do you forward it without really reading to your supervisor as prescribed by the workflow ?
– Do you try to up-sell in the first reply ?

It is imperative that you read the email and answer appropriately to his request for information or solve his problem or issues. That is the first goal of your reply as you need to satisfy his first demand.

The impression of the potential customer

If the potential customer gets:
– A standard reply then he will feel unimportant
– Forwarded to a supervisor then why was he wasting time communicating with the first person
– A solution but also an up-sell then he will feel the focus is too much on up-selling as the expected revenue is not enough
– A reply several days later then he might have taken his decision already
– A not then he is left in the cold and needs to hope other vendors bring a solution

The cheapest leads

You should grab this kind of opportunity as these are the cheapest leads you can get: apparently without any effort from your side or your company they present a potential sale for you for free. You or your company save upfront the cost of the lead generation.
All you need to do is:
– To read the inquiry email
– Investigate into the company: what does the company do
– Investigate into the person who addresses to you (using LinkedIn, Xing, Ecademy, Viadeo or even Facebook)
– Reply solely to his question as an expert as you still need to build trust.

Read the emails of potential customers and answer them appropriately within 24 business hours.

Do you really read the emails of potential customers?

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