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The Weekly Compete Pulse

Compete Blog October 31, 2011 Comments Off on The Weekly Compete Pulse

If you’ve been too busy carving social media and tech-inspired pumpkins, then you certainly may have missed out on these great articles. So kick back in your costume, grab some Halloween candy, and catch up on these 5 good reads that we found relevant for online marketers this week.

Looking for a controversial topic? Alan Pearlstein of AdAge questions whether or not the Internet is the be all end all avenue for brand development: When Will Brand Dollars Move Online? Maybe Never.

The retail sector is making moves in light of online content. Mashable reviews three retailers who are ahead of the game in terms of packaging and selling their products online: 3 Ways Content and Commerce Are Colliding In Online Retail

In an article by Marketing Magazine, we discover that many are growing weary of brands using Facebook for anything but lead generation. Read the full story here: Brands ‘over-reliant’ on Facebook, warns expert

If you are a content creator, which you most likely are in some respect if you are reading this post, then one of your goals is to make sure that the content you are producing is easily discoverable and relevant online. If you are looking to revamp your content creation strategy, check out Search Engine Watch’s Top 10 Tips to Transition Old-Fashioned Content Into Real Time Web Writing

It’s often debated what the most effective methods are for a company presence on Facebook. If you are a financial institution (or in any other industry for that matter), check out Mashable’s: 5 Best Practices for Financial Institutions on Facebook

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