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Friday Recap: BlueGlass and Sass

BruceClay July 17, 2010 Comments Off on Friday Recap: BlueGlass and Sass

cat face

Welcome to Friday, crazy cats. We both know you totally earned this weekend, so I thank you for stopping by for some recap before heading out to your sweet summer Saturday.

Susan and I have our plans all sorted out for the weekend. Come Sunday we’ll be driving out to Marina del Rey to attend the BlueGlass LA Internet marketing conference happening Monday and Tuesday. Susan will be liveblogging the sessions and I’ll be snapping up as many interviews as I can carry for our radio show. You’ll be there, too, if you’re in the area and know what’s good for you. Use the code bcbgla when you register to get 15 percent off.

The big event of the week for marketers was witnessing the most exceptional marketing campaign of the year. Old Spice’s YouTube campaign takes its place as the Hot Topic of July’s SEO Newsletter, and while I point to some of the great coverage there, I’ll take this opportunity to salute Lisa Barone for catching the eye of the Old Spice guy. I’m pretty sure this loving union means Lisa has now been officially crowned queen of social media.

Of course, the social world isn’t always fun and games. Forbes has compiled remarkable corporate social responsibility campaigns from the last few years. It’s encouraging to see how lending a hand to your community and the resulting public recognition are good for business.

When it comes to what’s good for business, there’s a lot that can be said for a good name. How do you know when you’ve come up with a memorable and moving moniker? Check out how 16 big brand companies picked their names.

You’ll notice Google in the list of uniquely named companies, and the story of the “googol” is well known by those in the search industry. Less known is what’s going on with the search engine’s ranking signals. Is Google getting past the link, looking to temporal, behavioral and social data? It’s looking likely.

Danny Sullivan stuck up for the engine this week in evaluating the New York Times’ editorial of the Google algorithm. The defense of Google’s search neutrality, transparency, and editorial independence gives readers a comprehensive view of the search engine’s efforts to abide by its “do no evil” motto.

skull and brain

Bing added to its excellence in the maps space by going to, well, space. WorldWide Telescope now includes Mars imagery from NASA, interviews with NASA scientists and tours of the most complete, high-resolution images of Mars available.

In the question-and-answer search space, no one can match Ask.com. At the end of the month, the search engine will launch its anticipated Q&A technology that’s “a little bit search and a little bit social,” combining real-time question and answer capabilities with a human touch.

After all, though technology has the ability to make our lives easier, nothing quite compares to human brain power. Check out just how impressive that squishy gray matter can be in Smarter.org’s infographic of savant successes.

Nintendo’s putting its big head (by which I mean Mario’s head, of course) to good use. The video game maker knows better than to exercise copyright to criminalize diehard fans. Nintendo honorably walked a fine line in describing its treatment and expectations of copyright violations.

We also got an interesting look behind the scenes of Twitter. The powers that be at the microblogging network paid special attention to the World Cup. Not so much because they were interested in the games, though. They wanted to make sure their servers were prepared for the influx of updates that flooded the platform when a goal was scored.

And with that, go out there and score some fun this weekend. Just remember, if you find the universe is closed, head for rainbow. :)

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