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Thanks For The Gifts – Round 2

Jonathan Volk January 1, 2010 Comments Off on Thanks For The Gifts – Round 2

After writing my first thank you for the gifts post on the 24th of December, more gifts have come in and I wanted to thank those companies!

First, the mystery gift…

I received this HD flip video camera and the box had no message and the return address was best buy. After tweeting / facebooking I found this awesome gift came from my favorite affiliate network, AzoogleAds!

Thank you AzoogleAds for continued support and being overall completely awesome!

My new affiliate manager, Matt Mirman, has been absolutely awesome and is doing a great job. Ryan Sessler will be missed!!!

This awesome little gift box is from Convert2Media!

Ruck is one of the people I respect a LOT in this industry! I really appreciate the gift basket! Keep up the great work with C2M.

The really great thing about this gift is that it has a bunch of great food and my wife really loves the chest it comes in, so she can use it for something after the food is gone.

This awesome gift is a bunch of sweets from Eagle Web Assets! Also known as Ryan Eagle‘s affiliate network.

I’ve eaten a few and they are actually some of the best chocolates I’ve ever had. Yum!

Ryan is a huge affiliate turned affiliate network and has always treated me well. Great payouts, great payment terms, great email guides. A+ Network.

Hit me up if you’re not in it and I’ll try to hook you up (but you have to be earning some revenue already).

This awesome new wallet is from Yousif, the owner of PKM Network!

My Coach wallet was starting to get a bit old so this new Dockers wallet will be a perfect replacement! Thanks for getting me a really useful gift!

Yousif is another large affiliate turned affiliate network and he has treated me well. Always paid on time (weekly) and great payout terms.

Hit me up if you’re not in it and I’ll try to hook you up (but you have to be earning some revenue already).

Thanks again to everyone who gave me a gift! I really appreciate it!

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