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25 Must-Read B2B Marketing Blog Posts

Modern B2B Marketing November 3, 2009 Comments Off on 25 Must-Read B2B Marketing Blog Posts

Marketing-posts Instead of scouring the web in search of the latest insight on
B2B marketing tactics and trends, consult our list of 25
must-read B2B marketing posts. Find out what these influential
marketing bloggers have to say about B2B social media, landing
page optimization, search marketing, marketing ROI, and other B2B
marketing techniques.

  1. Tips on Using Twitter to Boost Your Marketing Efforts
    Anything Goes Marketing blogger Chad Horenfeldt shares unique
    tips in this marketing post on how B2B marketers can take their
    Twitter efforts to the next level. Ideas revolve around
    perfecting the use of hash tags, pictures and surveys to maximize

  2. Social Media and Content Discovery: A Growing Relationship
    This Marketing Pilgrim blog post by Frank Reed offers insight on
    how the social web is changing the search engine-centric world,
    leveraging interesting new research from The Nielsen Group.

  3. Getting the Best From On-Site Search on Your Website – B2B
    marketers understand the importance of lead generation, and a
    user-friendly, intuitive website is one significant part of that.
    In this marketing post on SEOmozBlog, Rob Ousbey provides tips
    for improving on-site search functionality to provide an enhanced
    user experience, such as using search behavior to guide site
    content and site structure.

  4. 20 Essential Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog To – Loren
    Baker’s list of popular blog directories on Search Engine
    Journal provides a great starting point for acquiring valuable
    inbound links – particularly for B2B marketers new to blogging.

  5. 3 Principles of Effective Communication – In this ProBlogger
    post, Darren Rowse shares insight on the 3 things B2B marketers
    must do in order to communicate with customers: Give them a
    message, make them care and give them a way to remember it.

  6. The #1 Conversation Killer in Your Copy (And How to Beat It)
    – Is there a breakdown in your lead nurturing process? Discover
    what makes your customers almost buy in this must-read marketing
    post from CopyBlogger writer Sonia Simone. Learn how to reduce
    your risk of customers turning away at the last minute.

  7. Keep Moving Forward: Turn Defeat Into Victory – The next time
    you experience a setback in your marketing efforts – whether from
    a mistake or some other failure – put these tips from Marketing
    Profs Daily Fix blogger Paul Williams to practice.

  8. A 100-Percent Guarantee For Social Media Success – In this
    short, to-the-point marketing post on Social Media Explorer,
    blogger Jason Falls offer the one key to ensure social media
    success. It’s much simpler than you might think.

  9. 50 Content Ideas That Create Buzz – Rely on this tip list
    from ConversationAgent blogger Valeria Maltoni to make your
    content get read and get shared, including incorporating visual
    elements and writing something unexpected.

  10. Online SEO Tools – The Ultimate Collection – Search Engine
    Journal blogger Ann Smarty reveals the most useful online SEO
    tools that are web-based and free. The marketing post includes
    backlink analyzing tools, keyword research tools, domain name
    tools and search-related tools.

  11. Ten Tips for Writing a Blog Post – If you plan to launch a
    company blog, you won’t want to miss these 10 blog writing
    tips from Darren Rowse in this classic ProBlogger post. Learn to
    write snappy headlines, effectively link to other posts and web
    pages, and successfully use keywords.

  12. Recent Twitter Statistics – In this Social Media Marketing
    Blog post from Scott Monty, find some interesting analysis on the
    latest Twitter numbers from Pew Internet. Discover which
    demographic groups are Tweeting, including their education, age
    and income.

  13. 43 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid – You’ve likely
    seen countless lists of the 5 or 10 most common web design
    mistakes, but Daily Blog Tips blogger Daniel Scocco ups the ante
    by offering 43. The tips are both easy to understand and easy to
    implement for B2B marketers.

  14. 10 SEO Questions – In an effort to clear up common
    misconceptions regarding effective SEO, SEO by the Sea blogger
    Bill Slawski provides answers to 10 common questions in this
    marketing post. B2B marketers can leverage these insightful
    answers when justifying their own search marketing efforts.

  15. How to Increase Your Blog Subscription Rate by 254%
    CopyBlogger writer Willy Franzen provides some helpful hints on
    increasing blog subscriptions, including ensuring potential
    subscribers understand what it means to subscribe.

  16. 10 Steps to Help You Become a Social Media Ninja
    Econsultancy Digital Marketing Blog writer Jake Hird puts a fun
    and unique spin on maximizing social media efforts in this post.
    Learn to approach the social web with agility, precision and
    stealth – just a ninja would.

  17. Social Media: The Need for Measurement – Just like every
    other form of marketing, social media marketing must demonstrate
    value and be accountable as well. This SEOBook marketing post
    offers 7 useful ways to measure the success of social media

  18. Writing Your Best PPC Ads – This SearchCowboys blog post by
    guest blogger Kate Morris offers best practices for identifying
    the most effective keywords, writing ad text to grab readers’
    attention and using dynamic keywords to increase click-through

  19. Get Your Link Building Requests Answered – Inbound links are
    a necessary and vital part of improving search rankings, but from
    achieving responses from link requests isn’t always easy.
    Dream Systems Media Blog writer Mat Siltala relies on his
    experience – and the experience of several other SEO experts – to
    provide tips for overcoming the link building block.

  20. 7 Simple Steps for Decoding Website Analytics – Google
    Analytics provides a wealth of data for B2B marketers, but it can
    be difficult to know where to begin to uncover trends. This
    Search Engine Journal marketing post by Joanna Butler simplifies
    the process with tips that apply to Google Analytics as well as
    many other web analytics software.

  21. 30+ Principles to a Better Landing Page Design – This Landing
    Page Optimization blog post presents the essential elements to
    keep in mind when designing or optimizing a landing page,
    including knowing your visitors, choosing effective graphics and
    delivering a consistent message.

  22. The SEM Toolbox: 79 Tools and Tips Every Search Marketer Must
    – In order for search efforts to be effective, you need the
    right tools for the job. SEO Contrarian blogger Ari Ozick
    provides no less than 79 tools and tips for B2B marketers
    engaging in search marketing, including backup tools, backlink
    discovery tools, link management tools and competitive research

  23. 10 Reasons Why Journalists Will Write About Your Website
    Discover how journalists search and what exactly they’re
    looking for in this Linking Matters blog post by Ken McGaffin.
    Start maximizing publicity and media coverage for your company
    with these helpful tips.

  24. Is Choosing Search Engines Over Users a Fatal Flaw in SEO?
    It’s a common question for many B2B marketers engaging in
    search, and this Search Engine Land post by Jill Whalen provides
    the answers.

  25. Be Proactive With Your Reputation Management – This
    VerticalMeasures blog post shares tips and best practices for B2B
    marketers to proactively manage their corporate reputation by
    utilizing 16 different social media and listing sites.

What B2B marketing posts have you found interesting and useful?

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