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Jonathan Volk August 30, 2008 Comments Off on E-FILIATE Review

E-FILIATE Affiliate NetworkE-filiate Affiliate Network is a new upcoming affiliate network that has one heck of an awesome affiliate promotion going on right now.

Basically, just for signing up for E-FFILIATE, you get $200! I know crazy right?

I’m not sure what sort of speculation they are putting on the $200 sign up bonus but I’m willing to bet that you have to earn some minimum amount of income before they hand you the $200. I might be wrong but sadly, I couldn’t find any information on their website to prove me right or wrong.

Either way, it’s at least worth applying to to try and see what happens. Obviously, for their sake, if you’re not going to run anything with them, you’re best off, just not applying.

Other than that, E-filiate seems like a pretty standard affiliate network. They claim to be the first, first class affiliate network which I honestly have not used them enough to be able to tell you if that is true or not.

I have however talked to one of the guys from E-filiate and he seemed like a really nice guy and was pretty knowledgeable when it comes to affiliate stuff.

One great thing about E-Filiate is that they are one of the only other affiliate networks beside copeac that pays you weekly payments as long as you’re hitting $1,000 a week or more. That’s possibly one of the best reasons to start up with them if you have no experience.

So many times I get emails from people asking me how they can start with only a little money. Well if you think about it, all you need to do is generate $1,000 or more in commissions per week and you can instantly have a cash flow problem solved.

The offers in E-Filiate seem to be all the standard niches… Dating, financial, debt, etc. Nothing seemed to pop out to me there. Basically, if you’re starting out, these are all ok offers to try and work on.

One thing that I really thought was neat was that they arn’t using a direct trac system. They claim to have a highly modified tracking system which I am all for.

Sites that use direct trac just annoy me and I will be writing a post about why I don’t like direct trac in a bit.


Basically, E-filiate seems like a pretty cool affiliate network. If you’re starting out, they seem like a great place for you to learn but I’m not quite sure if they have the offers to back the super affiliate claims just yet.

Anywho, it’s worth checking out. :)

Copyright Jonathan Volk – E-FILIATE Review

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