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Offline Marketing for Online Results

admin May 8, 2008 2,587

Traditional marketing practices used by brick and mortar businesses can yeild high value to your online venture. Consider off-line advertising in addition to any online advertising.

The trend is to get publised in various e-zines and e-newsletters by writing articles and your company information, as well as your company domain address and email. Getting published is a highly effective, low cost method of promoting your on-line business.

“Getting published is a highly effective, low cost method of promoting your on-line business.”

Don’t forget about the millions of traditional magazine and newspaper publications available to consumers today. Getting published in traditional print is just as effective as any online campaign, and can contribute to any current online campaign.

Almost every major city in the U.S. has a local business publication that discusses local business news and covers topics of interest to business owners. One of the best sources for businessto business news and interaction is the local Chamber of Commerce. Most local chambers have their own publications and membership can provide your company with many contacts, networks, and leads.

Since you are on-line, your articles and news releases are available any where in the world, regardless of where you initially published them. In addition, there are millions of magazines that target your audience and they would probably be willing to publish your article. It may require some creative bargaining at first, but a long relationship with an editor/publisher could yield a lot of benefits – such as free press releases.

Local event sponsorship or public speaking engagements are also powerful marketing tools. Regarless of your target audience, there are usually some form of annual events held somewhere for a similar target audience. Even trade show displays can provide your company with the leads, networks, or interaction it needs to bolster online traffic.

“Local event sponsorship and public speaking engagements are powerful marketing tools.”

You can even advertise your company in event programs, or give out free stuff. Pens, cups, stickers, and magnets are among the most common free materials used to promote businesses. If your domain is printed on all the free materials it will be just as effective for your online business as a similar campaign would be for a traditional business.

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